Sell To Trenmead

Does your organisation have IT equipment that’s surplus to requirements?

Whilst this equipment may be of no use to you in many cases it can still have significant value. We can buy back this equipment, refurbish it and then resell it helping to realise the maximum value whatever the situation including:

• Cancelled projects
• Overstock
• Bankrupt stock
• Liquidated stock
• Excess inventory
• Hardware refresh
• End of life
• Surplus stock

Because your situation is unique we also offer a number of separate and complimentary services beyond simply buying your surplus equipment to give you the best solution including:

• Trade In / Part Exchange
• Consignment
• Recycling
• Extended support
• Secure decommissioning
• Data removal / destruction
• Asset tag removal and factory default restoration
• Legal and environmental compliance
• Logistics management & equipment removal
• WEEE disposal

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