Your IT needs to be fast, reliable and protect client data so your legal obligations are met.  

We take care of this for you and a whole lot more.

  •  Solutions

    We help you get the most from your IT.  We take the time to understand your business, challenges and plans for the future.  Then we create an IT strategy that meets your needs and supports your ongoing growth.

  • Support

    Nothing complicated.  Through our network of trusted suppliers we are able to provide you with a single point of contact that takes care of it all and with just one number to call to reach skilled, knowledgeable and accredited technicians 24 hours per day, every day both in the UK and overseas. — Read More

  • Sourcing

    We have a vast and diverse supply chain built up and refined over 30 years.  This means we aren’t only able to stock bog standard equipment that everyone else has but are also able to source hard to find parts with reliable lead times so your business can rely on support when it needs it the most. — Read More

  • Supporting business since 1979

    Trenmead has always identified changes in the industry early and adapted to them to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of its clients and will continue to do so. Read more

  • Why Trenmead

    • ESTABLISHED – Over 30 years in the industry.
    • EXPERIENCED – Dedicated labs
      and engineers with over 100 years collectively obtained knowledge.
    • WELL STOCKED – Our 8000 Sq ft warehouse caries a wide range of ready to ship stock.
    • RESPONSIVE – Our “boutique” set up means we will take the time to understand your needs.
  • What Our Clients Say