How to stop your business and home being stolen in 9 minutes


You may think that it would be impossible for someone to steal what are likely to be your two most valuable assets after all how can someone steal a house or business?  The thing is this kind of theft is now a bigger challenge than ever before with all our information online it’s now easier to steal the identity of a business or a person.  Once that’s done it’s not a big jump to a scenario where you could lose your business or a property you own!

Fortunately the Government have developed a couple of free resources to help protect you from these scenarios which although unlikely can have a massive impact so here they are.


Property Alert Service

PROOF is essentially something you sign up to on line.  It gives you alerts if anyone makes changes to anything about your business at Companies House.  If you get an alert and know that it wasn’t you making the change then you can act on it immediately.  If you don’t know when someone’s made a change about your business when they actually do it then by the time you find out it could be too late.

The Property Alert Service is run by Land Registry.  The concept is that same as PROOF but it’s for property registered with the Land Registry.  This is particularly useful for property where you don’t live like a holiday home or rental investment.  What fraudsters are doing is identifying empty homes, intercepting mail and changing the details of the registered owner.  By registering with the alert service if anyone tries this kind of activity you’ll get an alert by email immediately.

All fairly straight forward stuff.  Set aside 11 minutes get them done and then forget about it.  Whilst the scenario of either happening to you is low the impact is high so ask yourself is it worth 15 minutes and zero cost to prevent your companies ID or property you own being stolen.