Cyber Security For SME Business Owners – Part 4

Why an IT security policy gives your business cyber security

So for the final part of this series we will sumarise why you need an IT security policy in your business.  With the increase in cyber crime targeted at small business it is essential you take this on board to ensure the long term growth of your business.

A well thought out IT security policy will ensure that your business has everything in place that it needs to avoid six figure losses, hefty fines and long term reputational damage. Not only that, you’ll also be protecting the clients who’ve placed their trust in you to hold their data securely.

Remember the threats posed by cyber crime are continuously evolving, which means your defences need to be as well. That doesn’t mean you have to be constantly living in fear of the threats that exist. If you put in place good fundamental cyber security practices and maintain good habits like keeping software up to date and maintaining strong passwords, then regular reviews of your policy will become a quick and simple task with few follow up actions required.

Finally always remember. Plan. Do. Review. Your IT security policy should be a live working document. Putting the actual document together falls into the “Plan” phase but you then need to implement what’s in the document (the “Do” phase) and finally you need to schedule time (once a quarter is a good place to start but adjust as you see fit) to “Review”. Then simply keep repeating that process to keep your data safe and cyber crime at bay.

So there you have it, the 4 parts in this guide give you everything you need to get started on the road to making sure your business is safe and secure now and in the future.  If you need help with this or nay IT Support in Wembley and the surrounding areas feel free to contact us anytime we’ll be happy to help.

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