Flexible connections wherever work takes you

Wireless networking gives your users the flexibility to connect from anywhere on your premises, using a variety of devices.

Setting your users free to work wirelessly can deliver huge benefits, from making more flexible use of available space to
saving money on ports and cabling. In environments like warehouses and retail premises, introducing wireless networks and devices can revolutionise efficiency. The key is to design a wireless network infrastructure that will meet your needs today and into the future.

How we can help

Wireless signals are sensitive to interference from many sources, from other radio-frequency (RF) equipment to concrete walls and even bottled water. Building an effective wireless network has to start with a very thorough structural and RF survey to identify and map out any issues.

Trenmead’s experienced specialists consult extensively with your staff, survey your site using top-end AirMagnet software and then report back using CAD maps. For new builds we can work with your architects to design wireless networking solutions based on their CAD drawings.

We apply the same rigour to any premises, from a small office to a million-square-foot warehouse, and we build future
flexibility into every network design.

Our approach

We can deliver a reliable wireless network that meets your needs by:

  • Consulting with you comprehensively to understand your business and its requirements
  • Surveying thoroughly, using the best software, to identify any potential problems
  • Creating a bespoke design and specification that suits your circumstances and budget
  • Building in scope for adaptation to deal with business expansion and change
  • Using highly qualified and experienced staff to implement the plan
  • Providing management solutions including cloud-based, wireless LAN control