Virtualisation is now a well understood concept in the IT industry. It has been used to consolidate large numbers of traditional servers to run as virtual servers on a much smaller number of physical machines.

This reduces the power and cooling foot-print of your server estate which, along with having few physical servers to purchase and maintain, reduces your expenditure.

The same logic has been extended to almost all IT components – applications, storage, network devices and desktops have all had the virtualisation treatment. We have aligned ourselves to the market leaders in virtualisation since its inception.  They include Citrix and VMware.

Our team of experts have a proven methodology, starting with capacity assessment, to navigate you safely through the virtualisation journey; helping you avoid all the common pitfalls.

As well as being used as a tool to reduce costs and management overheads, application and desktop virtualisation now form a key part of many organisations’ consumerisation/BYOD strategy.