Protecting your assets while empowering your workforce

Mobile working and converged networks are opening up many exciting possibilities for businesses, but every new development also brings new security challenges.

Every organisation has a duty to protect its valuable information. As businesses become more reliant on networks for
collaboration, for access to data and applications, and to deliver online service, the security challenges multiply.
Threats range from unfamiliar devices accessing the network to DDoS attacks and malicious user activity.

How we can help

Our aim is to ensure you gain all the advantages of the latest technology, including mobility and BYOD solutions,
while maintaining watertight information security.

Our consultation identifies your access needs. Our security audit and penetration testing services analyse your entire
infrastructure, right down to individual endpoint devices, to find existing or potential weaknesses.

We then design and implement a multi-layered security solution to meet your needs. This includes setting up security
policies to ensure protection and compliance. We can supply you with monitoring equipment or, if you prefer, we can monitor as part of our managed service.