Count on us to achieve your aims

Modern business places heavy demands on corporate networks, stretching many legacy systems to breaking point.

We’ll advise on areas for improvement and how to achieve it cost-effectively.

Your older networks may be struggling to handle increased traffic, to provide the necessary throughput or to cope with the demands of modern applications. Or you may want to upgrade a legacy phone system to take advantage of VoIP, increase the wireless capabilities of your network, reduce overcrowding in the server room or simply upgrade your back-up processes.

How we can help

Whatever your aims and pain points, our specialists will meet with you to discuss what you want to achieve from your network infrastructure. We will advise on how you can achieve your plans in the most efficient and cost-effective manner – a service that very often saves our customers thousands.

Our multi-vendor relationships ensure we’ll always specify the best products for your needs. Whether you’re looking at a single site solution or at upgrading a global infrastructure – or simply upgrading an individual component – we’ll deliver expert advice on the best way of doing it.

Our approach

We can address all of your networking requirements by:

  • Discussing your aims and problems fully – with the help of a free network design workshop wherever required.
  • Assessing your plans, asking the right questions and ensuring that what you have in mind will work in practice.
  • Advising on individual projects including VoIP and video networking, wireless LAN installation, server virtualisation, global connectivity and much more.
  • Designing a solution that meets your needs, drawing on our expert knowledge, specialist skills and vendor-independent approach.