Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Made Easy

Trenmead have been an IT Service Provider since the late 1970s. We’re well equipped to help you transform your IT Services into the Cloud Computing services. Transition & Service Managers will make sure that there is a smooth transfer from the old ways of working, and that users get the right level of support to transform to the new ways of working to ensure a successful uptake of services.

Focus on creating and delivering value

Our Business Consultants will help clarify exactly what you’re trying to achieve with the move to the Cloud.

We will identify the right blend of cloud services for your business, and map out a route to overcoming all of the obstacles which stand in the way. The project team will design, build and test the new world with you; all under controlled project conditions to remove any security risk to your business.

Cost savings and no upfront investments

Pay only for what you use with no upfront investments while having considerable pricing flexibility plus cost savings.

Pay as You Use ‘Cloud Computing’ model gives your business the ability to grow and shrink IT capacity on demand.

Through the ‘subscription model’ you can control costs paying for only what is consumed.