Bring Your Own Device

Gain the full benefit of mobile working

The growth of mobile technologies and the rise of BYOD have opened up a world of new possibilities for flexible working and real-time collaboration.

New technologies have created huge opportunities for efficient mobile working. Smart organisations are taking advantage of everything from softphones, VPNs and wireless networking to tablets, smartphones and even containerised data centres to make their business ultra-flexible. But mobility also brings many IT challenges around planning, security, access, quality of service and control.

How we can help

We can help you plan for the mobile era with a service that covers voice, video and data. We take the time to discuss your specific aims and requirements before designing a solution that achieves your business goals.

We can advise on and implement a wide range of mobility-enhancing technologies, including VPNs, wireless networking, IP telephony, endpoint devices, mobile device management (for corporate and BYOD devices), RFID and containerised solutions.

Every Trenmead solution is designed for maximum flexibility and security, freeing your employees to work in the way that
increases efficiency and productivity, while ensuring that networks, devices and data remain secure at all times.

Our approach

We can help you plan for the mobile revolution and BYOD, without compromising on security, by:

  • Consulting widely on your voice, video and data needs
  • Surveying and auditing your existing infrastructure and all mobile devices including BYOD devices
  • Designing an integrated solution that works with your existing IT and communications set-up
  • Providing mobile device management policies and equipment – including security measures such as RFID tags and remote wiping for lost or stolen phones