How to create and remember a secure password the easy way

You know you should use a secure password and you probably know you should change it on a regular basis but what does a secure password actually look like and how do you avoid falling in to a trap of simply adding a “1” to the end of your old password when it is time to change?  It’s something even the best of us struggle with from time to time and it’s not a problem unique to the IT support departments here in Wembley.  But it is something you have to address as a weak password can leave you very vulnerable to identity theft.

The shortest and easiest answer to all of the above is to use tools like Last Pass and Robo Form.  They will auto generate secure passwords for you and securely manage all your passwords if you want them to.  But even if you use something like that you will still need a secure password for those tools so here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Have 12 characters as a minimum but the longer the better.

  2. Include numbers, letters, symbols, upper and lower case.

  3. Don’t use dictionary words, combinations of dictionary words or popular abbreviations like LOL or ROFL.

  4. Don’t use simple obvious substitutions like “L3GGO” instead of “LEGGO” it simply won’t be enough on its own.

So how do you come up with a password that incorporates all of the above and is still easy to remember?  Try using the story method.  This method involves you creating a story or sentence unique to you which you then use as the basis for your password.

For example your story could be:

My first memory as a child was playing with my Batman and Robin figures when I was 5 years old.

This sentence could then be used to create the following password:


What we’ve done here is basically use the first letter of each word along with a few substitutions.  You could get even more creative and perhaps replace the first “f” in the password with “1st” or something like that.  Hopefully you get the idea.

Once you have used the password a few times it will be easy enough to type and even easier to remember whilst remaining secure.

If you have any questions about creating and managing secure passwords or just how to protect your business from Cyber Crime in general contact us today.