Inventory Managment

IT Disposal, Redeployment & Recycling Services

Trenmeads flexible and rapid IT disposal and asset recovery service are focused on generating maximum value from used IT equipment for our clients. Trenmead manages IT disposal for it’s clients from beginning to end including collection, secure accredited data destruction, assessment for equipment resale and suitable recycling of equipment where necessary.

Every unit disposed of is accounted for. Where necessary diagnostic software to test the functionality of parts and
components is used to ensure maximum value is realised. Data and licensed software is removed using software approved to recognised standards to ensure our clients interests are protected every step of the way.

Asset recovery has been at the core of Trenmeads business model since it’s inception in 1979. What this means for our
clients is that through our experience long standing relationships in this specialist market place we are able to explore
more options then most to try and achieve maximum value for our clients old I.T equipment.  Our knowledgeable and experienced team are also well placed to be more flexible to the needs of our clients compared to a more box shifting mass manufactured approach of larger organisations.