• Cool stuff you can do with Microsoft Office…

    1. Edit PDFs PDF files open by default in Adobe. But, what if you want to edit them? You cannot do that within Adobe Reader, and the Adobe software that does let you make changes to PDFs is not cheap (£156 for a one year licence at the time of writing). Microsoft Word to the […]

  • 3 new Windows 10 features

    1.The Start Menu – The New Old Feature Windows 7 users rest easy, because this is here to stay. For Windows 8 users, the start menu is back with its full functionality! The look of the new start menu combines the basics of the start menu from Windows 7, with the tiles that were part […]

  • Pokémon GO and what you need to know about Cybercriminals

    Unless you’ve been under a rock, or in a cave with no television or wi-fi you’ll be aware of Pokémon GO –  which very quickly became the biggest mobile game in history. If you were aware of Pokémon GO you may not have be aware of just how many vulnerabilities lie hidden within the game […]

  • 4 ways to fight off infection

    1.Keep it clean ‘Computer hygiene’ is a fairly easy process to accomplish, and worth the effort for sure. Think about it in general office terms – you dig into the biscuit tin after many other colleagues,  you and Sally swapped TPS reports, you shook hands with a visitor and you used the doorknob to vacate […]

  • Making sense of cloud technology

    What is “The Cloud”? The cloud is a secure virtual technology and therefore does not require any hardware of your own to deliver a service. Cloud technology can deliver that service to you, without you having to install anything or have it on a server at your business. This is something that you can access […]

  • 5 questions to ask when choosing an IT support company

    1.What if I’m not happy after we get started? Entrusting someone to look after all your IT is a big commitment, closer to a marriage then simply paying for a fixed service.  As well as looking after anything that goes wrong with your technology it’s likely you’ll look to your provider to give guidance on […]

  • Cyber Crime – what is it and how can you avoid being a victim

    Cyber Crime is something everyone everywhere, whether from business or personal perspective, needs to be mindful of.  It is essentially when criminals use technology that you have to commit a crime and you will be the victim.  The crimes can vary and include acts like theft of data and extortion.  Because there are so many […]

  • 4 Ways to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

    At Trenmead one of the most frequent complaints we hear is battery life – and that can so easily be remedied!  More than ever before people have become reliant on the batteries in their laptop, smartphones, tablets and other devices.  Most people don’t even do the most basic things to ensure their battery lasts, probably […]

  • Data Recovery – What you can do when your data is lost

    1. Check it really is gone A lot of the time when people think they’ve lost their data it’s really just in a different place and it’s simply a case of knowing where to look. If you’re a windows user the first place to try is the recycle bin. If you’re on Mac check your […]